RIOTGIRL.CLUB is a community and space for learning, being yourself, and making cool shit for the Web.

RIOTGIRL.CLUB is modeled after and is part of the tilde universe. It lives on one low-power machine in the Cloud and runs on Linux. It's managed by one person.

You're encouraged to fuck shit up but don't fuck it up for everyone else (so don't hack the server, please).

The Internet can be a shitty and depressing place. RIOTGIRL.CLUB seeks to be the opposite, a techno-utopia that we all hoped that the Internet would be.

We're pro-girl. NOT anti-boy! So, EVERYONE is welcome to join. Everyone except JERKS.

Code of Conduct


Being a jerk includes but not limited to:

If this sounds good to you, sign-up for an account!

What you get:

Making web pages this way is a GREAT way to get comfortable with the command line. PLUS, you'll look cool.


So RIOTGIRL.CLUB is an experiment run by one disorganized person who is learning more about managing a public-ish web server. The server might reboot at random times (I'll try to let whoever logged in know). I am NOT guaranteeing fancy Google or Twitter level of service.

However, I promise not to spy on you or sell your stuff.


You will need to access the command line. If you have a Mac you can use Terminal, which comes installed. If you're on Windows, you'll need to download something like PuTTy.

Here are some super-useful commands:

This primer is also a great place to start. Keep in mind, RIOTGIRL.CLUB doesn't have e-mail.

Contact me!

If you got questions or comments, you can tweet at me or e-mail amy (at)

Image: That's my friend Jess!