November 2014: On Media Consumed

Movies I saw in theaters this month were: Birdman, Big Hero 6, and Interstellar in glorious IMAX.

Birdman made me think about my precious comic book movies and how they fit into the great big Hollywood machine. The director of Birdman, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, described the proliferation of such movies as “cultural genocide” because they do not add to culture or say anything profound about what it means to be human. I just wonder how I am complicit in this kind of “genocide”. I sure like my (Marvel) comic book movies but I liked comic books in general. I’m the type of person

Big Hero 6 subtly made me feel old. Found the movie enjoyable but found it predictable, probably because I read too many comic books and have been around the block a few times with regards to action/adventure movies. Tropes in action/adventure movie (with a sci-fi twist) just re-appear time after time.

I’m still processing Interstellar. Two things that I liked: Nolan’s interpretations of astronomical phenomena (black holes, worm holes, icy planets, 5th dimensional space) and the story of a father and daughter.

I managed to watch Guardians of the Galaxy twice in one week. One time, I watched it actively, another time, I had it on in the background while my friend was over.

I finally finished the book, Cloud Atlas, which was on my “To Read” pile for about two years. It’s unconventional, semi-linear narrative structure reminded me of A Visit to the Goon Squad. I thought both books were okay. I feel like I would’ve gotten more out of Cloud Atlas, if I had read the book continually over the course of a week, instead of taking a long break in the middle.

One weekend, I read a bunch of Batman comic book trades. Both trades collected Paul Dini’s run on Detective Comics. Paul Dini had a hand in making Batman: The Animated Series, so the storytelling and the characters feel very TAS like, but more adult.

I finished Optic Nerve: The Complete Minicomics by Adrian Tomine, another book(s) that has been on my to-read pile for awhile. It was neat to see Adrian Tomine’s drawing and storytelling progress over the years.

Comic book pull list for this past month:

Being an adult is hard

10:44pm Tuesday, Nov. 25 2014

An apartment without heat, on the eve of the season’s first winter storm.

A slowly scurrying cockroach that triggers my anxiety about maintaining a clean home.

A bank customer service hotline that only provided a Sisyphean maze of touchtone options that led nowhere. When I finally reached a human, they claimed to not hear me. They hung up.

A postal system that lost the last two months worth of rent checks.

A brain that chose the wrong tupperware container. Instead of a sandwich, I had inadvertently bought to work a slab of inedible tempeh.

After work, I dragged myself to the gym, even though I knew that being on the treadmill couldn’t undo the damage of stress-eating three blondies.

I pray that bellbottoms never come back into style.

Illustration by Jean Jullien Illustration by Jean Jullien

A poignant memory

I didn't think of it back then but upon remembering it today, I thought "What an asshole."

Pixel Fungus

A generative art piece

Moving and renaming

11pm, Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Setting up my own box wasn’t so hard and so I decided to move my blog to RIOTGIRL.CLUB. The domain name is cooler and it’s easier and faster to SSH into this box than the box that is hosted on.

I also re-named this THING from A.Blog to “The Zine I Never Made”.

At first I wanted A.Blog to be something like a newsletter about my life that I’d send to friends. But then I realized sometimes I don’t have much to share about my life, or rather would care to share with the Internet, which is mostly a party filled with strangers.

But I do have an itch to write about other things. Like comic books, movies, things I cook. Notions and sentiments.

I’ve always wanted to make a zine, so why don’t I try to make a digital one? Maybe when there’s enough content here, I’ll create a dead tree one collecting the best stuff (most likely stuff I’m not ashamed about, stuff that’s good enough to exist in the real world).

Hello World (again)

10pm, Tuesday, November 11, 2014

So I feel like blogging again. I guess I was poking around and thought it was cool that people were doing barebones web stuff. Just ssh'ing into this box and futzing around with no pressure to be fancy pants.

When it comes to making websites for myself, I get caught up in development environments and perfectionism, which is probably why I haven't done any personal blogging since 2010.

But I have been working on the blog software I wanted to use. I've messed with static site generators written in Ruby and Ghost, a blogging platform written in Node.js. I've used CSS preprocessors to "improve" my workflow.

At the end of the day, I jsut ran out of energy to do any sort of meaningful writing. This is my attempt to rectify that. What you're looking at now is a simple HTML page. I think I spent more time choosing the right font (Soliel, if you're curious) then in setting this page up.

Sure, I could have used something like Tumblr, which is great for certain kinds of blogging, but when you post something to Tumblr, I don't think you really own it anymore. You're kinda just borrowing the slice of the Web that Tumblr owns. We've just been lucky that Tumblr has been cool (so far), but who knows? I'm going to try to keep it simple, though I should probably figure out an easy way to archive and back-up posts.