A Silicon Valley Dating Sim I'll Never Make


So I was watching a reverse-harem type anime show the other week, that was pretty terrible. It was based on a dating sim. I skipped watching the last episode because I completely lost interest but it did make me wonder what a dating sim based in Silicon Valley would be like. The player would be a young woman trying to find love and professional success amidst the infamous start-up culture in the Valley.

Here are my notes:

Dood types (all very attractive!)

Other Characters


Day One

"Hi [player],

sending you an email to wish you happy first day of work at [startup name]! You know I read in the newspaper that [startup name] was worth $1 billion dollars!!! I'm so proud of you! Also please let me know if you're coming home for Thanksgiving. i hope they will give you thanksgiving off…



"Welcome! I'm so glad you're here! My name in Angie, I'm the Happiness Officer."

"Here's Dorian, he's our Chief Technology Officer and one of the co-founders."

"Hey [player name]."

Dorian shakes your hand firmly

"We were really impressed with you and we're happy to have "

Dorian gently touches your shoulder and walks away