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Reading my next book is a project that will last the whole next year. I started reading A Song of Ice and Fire three years ago, meanwhile I have the audiobook, ebook and paperback. I have the original, english version and the translated verion. To quit means to surrender. I have read lots of other books and started several times from the beginning.Now I decided to read it, this and nothing else. Reading is not just fun anymore and I do not know when it began.

I love photography, parts of my past life based on photography. Sometimes I like it laconic, which is not easy. It means not saying nothing, it means concentration on one thing, one situation, one body, one object. And giving an answer to the question “What?” with no words after asking yourself “Why?”.

I bought black short running trousers from Nike with a stiched symbol on it for dancing. I tried to paint the white symbol black, but that does not work. Today I took a pair of scissors and a pair of tweezers and ripped the symbol of. Of course I cutted some holes in the cloth, so I stiched the holes. It is not perfect, but no one will see it. Now the trousers are plain—just as I need them. During the procedure I listened to West Side Story, it came as a accidental search result on Spotify. I did not know what I am listening to and I loved it.

After dance class I went to the bar, I just sat there and drank my beer, the bar get crowded and I sat there alone and drank one more. The people were friendly but I act shy and I am short with someone. There is a sadness I can not hide. Or I want to show.I will stop doing this.

It is a dark, rainy and cold day.

About minimalism in my life

I love minimalism and on the other hand I am a curious person who fades things out (to stay curious). Maybe its not minimalism I love, but the feeling of reliability. I like to keep things tidy to get an overview. I guess most people who prefer minimalism have similar motivation. After a while I get bored and I fill all the beautiful white space with beautiful colors. No progress, just messing around. I once have had great respect for the beauty of empty pages. Then I learned to draw. Now the pages are filled with beauty sketches and also with mucked drawings. I always liked the minimalism of a zen circle. Perfection also means reliability. Since I was a child I love to dance, now I do ballet dancing, I like the strict forms of beauty, I still try to understand beauty, I try to live beauty. Beauty is a reliable good feeling and it also has subversive power. Beauty is minimalistic.

The soft bread is still warm. It tastes delicious with butter.

I dreamt of dancing with three legs.

Hello, Wrrld!

I need coffee. Somebody wrote: Everything is communication. I think: not everything. Communication, information, function and organisation are great to give you space for other things.