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this is from the win32 virus gruel. gruel was monsterous. it basically pointed all execution back to itself so you had to reformat
this is what displays when you first run the exe

Your computer now is mine, Why? Because I didn't had nothing to do and I thought, why not make the evil?
Remember NOW YOUR PC IS IN MY POWER Windows Sucks! I can't stand it anymore! Windows has always sucked. Wake up people!
It's a scam! You don't need a faster computer. You need a better operating system.
Microsoft continuingly makes money by selling you the latest and greatest Windows.
The latest Windows version is always the most inefficient yet, slowing down your fast computer.
Also, now you have to upgrade all your other software too because different Windows versions are not compatible with each other!
A hidden cost not mentioned at all. It's part of the scam.
Capitalism Sucks!, Communism Sucks. KILLERGUATE.