A secret place.

This is a bit of a secret place at the moment.

It's not as if I need more places to post things on the internet. I'm on Squarespace, tumblr, twitter, Facebook, Google +, Instagram, Flickr, and App.net. I have no shortage of places to write things.

But those places come with expectations. Expectations from family, friends, and strangers who follow me for various reasons. The platforms themselves come with expectations about what type of content people expect to see.

I like this. I like writing HTML into the terminal. It's as bare bones as you get. It reminds me of what the web is. It makes me feel in control. It makes me think about what I really want to be using the web for.

I don't worry about anyone sharing this post. Don't like it, heart it, fave it, or +1 it. Hell, I don't even care if anyone reads it. I just like writing it and thinking about this thing we made that, at it's most basic level, allows me to type something on my screen and let you see iot on yours.