~~~this is my RIOTGIRL.CLUB page~~~~

I'm an internet old who learned to code on a university-supplied tilde account back in the 90's. I wrote for zines and such as they made the move onto the web, and was around at the birth of blogging but I never got internet-famous or even figured out how to make a consistent living at it on my own.

After many twists and turns, now I'm a librarian who does UX and Emerging Technology work both for libraries and community orgs. I call myself a community technologist when I'm feeling halfway sure of what I'm talking about, which isn't terribly often.

I'm interested in the tildesphere because I want to get back to first principles and re-learn how to do things for myself, and re-evaluate what I'm doing with online tools and why.

I like the idea of a safer, quieter space that's still social, but shielded from the roaring jetstream of social media and the pressure to write for an amorphous audience.

I also want to get back to thinking and writing semi-seriously about music and the cultures and communities that surround it. I might use my space here for something in that vein.

Under Construction...