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2014-12-26 - Day After Christmas

Today was pretty boring... as these days tend to be. We watched Wall-E and ate stove-popped popcorn.


2014-12-25 - Oh, right, I said I was going to do this daily

Happy All The Things... I Got a The Doctor VS The Universe T-Shirt (Doctor who peeps in the style of Scott Pilgrim vs The World) and played many video games with the family and probably watched a bunch of TV... including the new Tabletop. Good Day Basically.


2014-12-24 - I don't think vim has spellcheck...

Happy All The Things! Anyways, sitting around in the morning of Christmas Eve sipping coffee and trying to transform into "reasonablly cogent" me instead of "grumpy incoherant" me. Figured I might as well type between sips.

Turns out I didn't have as much to say as I thought. I'm thinking maybe I'll try to put more words on this page every day as an excersise in... uhm... I'll figure out the right word later.

I'd like to say that I will be signing off for the Holidays but I'm not leaving town, no guests are coming to stay, and I have to work most of the next week anyways... so... probably be on here plenty.


2014-12-23 - Using H Tags as actual headers!

Hello fellow RIOTGIRL.CLUB users and Greater Internet denizens who may have happened accross my little pied-à-cyberspace. I figured since I am moving in the least I could do is put something out there/here for people to see. You can find me in all sorts of places on the weeb but since I am the only SinbadEV I know of I feel I'm safe to just let you find me if you want.