im here
Don't forget about me
No styles, plz. I don't want all of the fuss
Writing in vim feels weird
Passwords are a expression of self to a machine: i am skullum!
I'm not really doing anything at the moment at home or at work
I haven't pushed code in a week and am feeling kinda depressed about it
Also my project has been hella de-prioritized. Makes me much less interested in hunting bugs
I guess This is one big page of thoughts so I don't see the point of breaking them into lists
In fact, I am pretty burnt out on lists
I guess I am just burnt out in general
But I like typing thoughts into VIM in my terminal
It allows me to be close enough to work that I feel like I am getting something done
God I am going to install ad-block. All I wanted was music
Whoever I am listening to right now sounds like Danny Brown. Its a shame I thought his name was unique. I would link it here but that just gives more ways for people to know me.
First line that goes over a line. In this unmondified VIM experience
I am leaving the mistakes in. Iam not going to try and make this look good. This realization makes me feel out of body. Transcendant
Please don't doxx me.
I didn't use a good email address to create this.
brb. Either I will come back and write or find a slightly more anonymous way to write
I don't like Method Man
I like rapper groups. I think much like hacker groups; a culture grew up around an under-appreciated art and as it became more recognized $$$ the culture died. Thats a sad thought
Most of my thoughts are sad
There are so many gems in the world.
OK -- I definitely have some saddness in me. And I am not working on what I want to.
But I have only been here a few months. Don't be afraid to sacrifice a little bit of time now so that in a few weeks you can start focusing on what you really want to do.
I probably wont be able to get a car until after Christmas
Unless, I look up stuff hard-core tonight and tomorrow and check stuff of/buy on Sunday
Weird day so far. Still nothing done. I'm just trawling through the internet, looking for a purpose
I definitely wont find it on the interent. Like H said, it only drains energy from you.
I wonder if I could find some positive energy there
Thats not my purpose for the day though
if I could just finish this task...
Im glad I don't have to work tomorrow
I like how all the divs line up nicely on one side
I wonder if anyone will read this.
besides Google and the NSA
I don't feel safe
I just feel so tired all of the time
Probably some combination of diet, sleep and exercise
It got better. Much, much better. Can't say any more now. brb