~~~this is my RIOTGIRL.CLUB page~~~~

Certainly did take me a while to set up this index.html. But I thank riot girl for the account. My main interaction with riot girl (the person and/or entity, work either way) was on twitter. I was merely commenting on the change colors of the home page fonts and sent this:

@riotgirlclub like your page riotgirl. It's full of colory goodness. And also clear terms with an emphasis on brevity (which is the soul of

— Tildes R Cool (@tildesarecool) November 15, 2014

I'm actually new to twitter in general. Wasn't necessarily going for a cut off mid sentence but I decided to leave that way because...I'm hilarious. At least that's my story.

Oh and wit is the finish to that senentence. Brevity is the soul of wit. That's what makes it funny. My tweet was too long so it got cut off before the end of the quote. See? See how hilarious? I'm also hilarious by having to explain my jokes...

Oh and in case I don't have quite enough self-promotion, I have my own tilde club available for accounts at...
(surprise) http://tildesare.cool/.