Got my cool new account today!

A little bit of Vim, vim-wiki, and some symbolic links later, and I can write all my stuff in Vim and have it posted on the interwebs. Neat!

Come to think of it, I ought to be able to have Vim automagically compile this text to html (:VimwikiAll2HTML) upon writing of the file. Right?

Ok, let's test this, if it works, I'm more brilliant than Paula.

autocmd BufWrite *.wiki call VimwikiAll2HTML

Will it work? No it didn't... :( How about now?

Trying again... Nothing?

How about now?

Did I overcomplicate it?


autocmd BufWrite *.wiki VimwikiAll2HTML is all that is needed!








I do however think I need to re-think this... perchance I should expose the entire wiki to the web? Otherwise every day would at most contain one, very long, very mixed post of a bunch of unrelated things.

Of course that could be charming, but not really good for finding stuff I might want to find again later. :S

Ok, here goes...

Well that was certainly unexpectedly easy... :O

Everything is ok, 'cept for everything being ok...