I really ought to do something more with my web presence here. Add in some flashy javascript perhaps?

Would it be considered cheating if I used jQuery?

Also, I have soo been looking for :VimwikiDiaryGenerateLinks

I've also added the following:

set completion-ignore-case on
set completion-prefix-display-length 2
set bell-style none

to ~/.inputrc

I find the first line to be especially nifty.

Say that you remember the first part of a loooong command which you want to run again, then you just type the first few letters of that command, and press the up-button, and the shell will expand the command to the first command in history which have the same beginning as the letters you wrote.

Lately I haven't been doing much ssh:ing to other places than riotgirl.club, but I HAVE scp:ed a bunch of files to and from my computer to various other servers.

So if I'd want to connect to riotgirl.club again quickly, I'd just type ss<up> (I could've just typed s<up> but that would not have filtered away the scp:s)